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Annual Events & Activities:

Autumn Equinox - September 22-23 (Northern Hemisphere)

With Autumn, many areas of our world enjoy breathtaking displays of changes within nature. The colors of tree foliage being high on the list. The Equinox marks the occasion and provides another opportunity to explore the physical world. Click on the title link for more information.

Spring Equinox - September 22-23 (Southern Hemisphere)

The changing of the seasons has inspired many celebrations throughout human history. The coming of Spring offers secularists an opportunity to explore nature and participate in activities which capture the reason for the season! Click on the title link to learn how you can celebrate the Spring Equinox.

Banned Book Week ~ September 23

Banned Book Week was founded by the American Library Association and is now an important event at libraries, bookstores and schools across the USA. Educational Organizations are also beginning to join in the events and use this time to celebrate reading. Banned book week affords the non-religious community an opportunity to participate in an awareness building and celebration of the learning and literacy made possible through books. Learn how you can participate in Banned Book Week by clicking on the title link.