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Annual Events & Activities:

World Environment Day - June 5

A global event designed to raise awareness of ecology and the human environment. Held annually in June, World Environment Day focuses on what we as people can do to preserve a healthy environment.

World Humanist Day - June 21

A significant holiday among the non-religious community, World Humanist Day celebrates the grand tradition of humanism which dates back to Greek civilization and came to prominence during the European Renaissance. Click on the title link to learn about the events and activities taking place during World Humanist Day celebrations.

Summer Solstice - June 21-22 (Northern Hemisphere)

The longest day of the year has played an important role in human history since the dawn of civilization. The Summer Solstice is a festive occasion and a great time to gather with friends and explore the fascinating world of which we are a part. Click on the title link to learn more.

Winter Solstice - June 21-22 (Southern Hemisphere)

The changing of the seasons provided our early ancestors with an improved understanding of our world and allowed many advancements within civilization. The Winter Solstice offers an opportunity to celebrate the natural and human implications of the seasons. Click on the title link to learn more.