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Traditional Holidays: Origins and Alternatives

Many of the major holidays in Europe and North America are at least nominally Christian. Yet most of these holidays have non-Christian origins and in recent years have become increasingly secular; the major examples are Easter, Halloween and Christmas.

Other major holidays, New Yearís, Labor/May Day, Veteranís/Remembrance Day, Thanksgiving (in North America) and Harvest Festivals, are secular in origin and mostly secular in observance.


Is Halloween Satanic, Sacred or Secular?


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We would like the Secular Seasons project to be one that is utilized by all freethinkers. We also would like all individuals, groups, and organizations to contribute when they are able.

Please join us by sharing your ideas, suggestions and time in making this effort one we can all enjoy and share, not only amongst ourselves, but with the world in which we are a part.

We here at the American Humanist Association are striving to expand the options and alternatives for holidays, but we can only do this with your help. If you have invented your own holiday or tradition, adapted an existing one, or know of one that is not listed, please feel free to share not only with us, but with the entire secularist community and the world.

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