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~ April 14-19

Have you ever just stopped for a moment and thought WOW! - left utterly speechless by the realization that with only a few tweaks in the fabric of the Cosmos - we may not be here at all - ever!?

The fact that all we see around us within the natural world is a product of the laws that govern our universe is a pretty wild notion. It's understandable, in part, why so many people have difficulty believing that there isn't a guiding intelligence behind it all. Nevertheless, the evidence clearly points to the conclusion that there isn't and for anyone courageous enough to take a look - our universe, and everything that lies within it, can be understood and appreciated in all its magnificent glory.

There's no need for our reality to cause discomfort - instead it should inspire the awe and wonder that marks the human spirit and provides us with the greatest adventure of all time - OUR LIFE. It should liberate us and inspire us to live life to the fullest - share our excitement with others and strive to build a heaven on earth.

We will soon have activity suggestions and resources for the Excitement of Life Week, taking place the third week of April each year.

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